Mold Testing Knoxville

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Mold damage occurs at different levels depending different factors. It requires highly trained mold testing experts to assess the type of mold, level of damage, and come up with a custom solution to your unique situation. Mold testing Knoxville is therefore quite important and a stepping stone to successful mold remediation and removal.

Our companies employ the best mold testing experts in Knoxville, to assist in proper mold assessments and mold inspection Knoxville. This is the only way to ensure there is proper identification of your problem to aid in removal and remediation. Otherwise, you might be left with unseen mold colonies that will continue to cause structural damage while exposing your family to health risks.

How does mold testing Knoxville work?

Professionals start by taking air samples inside your property and outside too. The samples are taken in areas where they suspect presence of mold and areas where there isn’t any mold. The air samples are checked for quality revealing the mold spore count on the suspected areas and areas where mold is not present.

The mold spore count in the areas that are not affected is used as the baseline for comparison to the other areas. If the mold count is higher in the suspected areas, then you have a mold problem and might need immediate removal and remediation services.

Besides, the air tests, professionals also perform visual tests on your property. This step entails checking the property for visible signs of mold growth including; presence of mold on surfaces, musty odor, discoloration on walls or ceilings and others. When these signs have been noted, then there is further confirmation of mold presence on your property.

The best companies are not done with mold testing Knoxville just yet. They go a step further to include lab testing. If you have visible mold, they will take samples of the mold for further lab analysis. They also take swab samples of areas around the house where you might have mold. These samples are subjected to further lab analysis to confirm presence of mold on your property and determine the type of mold present.

After the results from the lab are out, the mold inspector provides you with an analysis in the mold report. The findings and recommendations of the mold testing Knoxville are given in the detailed mold report you get after the process.

If mold testing Knoxville reveals presence of mold, the professionals come up with a plan to take care of your mold problem. The plan is customized to tackle the extent of mold infestation and type of mold present.

Leak detection

The biggest cause of mold on a property is excess water or moisture. Moisture or water that slowly causes a mold invasion is usually not easy to detect. Professional mold testing Knoxville first involves detecting the cause of excess water or moisture on your property that is fueling the mold growth. There are instances when you might even know you have a leak or mold problem until you get very high unexplained water bills.

Professionals take time to detect the cause of moisture so that the mold problem can be taken care of properly. Imagine if the mold is removed but the source fueling the growth left unattended? The mold growth will definitely recur and continued to spread as the water seeps into more surfaces on your property.

Leak detection is therefore a very important step during mold inspection Knoxville. After the source has been identified it is fixed immediately to continue further water damage to your property and chances of exacerbated mold growth. To detect leaks that are out of sight, professionals use technology such as moisture meters, hygrometers and infrared cameras among others. There are also advanced techniques used to determine areas with excess moisture on your property even when they are out of sight.

We suggest that you leave the issue of fixing water leaks to the professionals. Sometimes homeowners and property managers are tempted to take care of leaks themselves. However, most of theme end up paying more in damage repairs and professional services. Save yourself the hassle if you don’t have the equipment and capacity to handle these problems on your own. It is the masked danger posed by these seemingly small leaks that makes them vicious.

Mold inspection Knoxville is an all-encompassing process that entails finding out the level of your mold problem and coming up with a suitable plan for the mold eradication. It goes beyond just a visual assessment of the property in order to properly determine where mold is hiding out of sight on your property.

If you are looking for expert mold testing Knoxville, then you are in luck. We have already vetted top companies in Knoxville to ensure they have the capacity for performing the best mold inspections. We check for expertise, equipment they use, their process, reputation, experience, licensing and insurance among other things. Get the right company for your needs quickly today.